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The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a faculty-led committee charged with ensuring the humane and ethical care and use of vertebrate and invertebrate animals in research. Consistent with the IACUC’s purpose, the committee has oversight over all KAUST research activities involving animal subjects occurring both on the academic campus and in the field. Ethical approval for collaborative research conducted at other institutions is the responsibility of the host organization.

IACUC Responsibilities
Approval and Review
  • Approve standard procedures and forms
  • Approve and review activities before the initiation of any research involving animal subjects
  • Review modifications to approved research activities involving animal subjects
  • Establish training procedures and criteria for research on animal subjects
  • Conduct continuous research proposal reviews at intervals appropriate to the degree of risk and as required by the standards established by Saudi Arabia’s National Committee of Bioethics (NCBE)
  • Review the animal care and use program at least once per year
  • Inspect the animal facility and all satellite facilities at least once per year
  • Prepare reports on program reviews and facility inspections for submission to Research Operations and Compliance and VPR; such reports include recommendations to ensure the effectiveness of the animal care and use program
  • Evaluate the experience of the Principal Investigator and his/her team to conduct research involving animal subjects
  • Ensure that the Principal Investigator and his/her research team have completed all committee-required training
  • Investigate alleged non-compliance involving animal subjects
  • Review any concerns raised involving the care and use of animals, including complaints from the public, facility personnel, and users
  • Suspend non-compliant research involving animal subjects
  • Provide a written statement outlining the reasons for suspension of non-compliant research addressed to the Principal Investigator, respective Dean, and Research Operations and Compliance
National Registration/Accreditation

KAUST’s Institutional Biosafety and Bioethics Committee (IBEC) serves as the registered local committee for all National Committee of Bioethics (NCBE)-regulated activities. The review of animal-related activities is delegated to IACUC. The outcome of such reviews is periodically reported to IBEC.