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The Diving Control Board oversees the scientific diving safety program and ensures the safety of all scientific diving activities to which KAUST is connected. This connection can come through ownership of any equipment used, financial support, dive location, or participation of KAUST personnel, including faculty, staff, students, and postdoctoral fellows, staff of the Coastal Marine Core Lab, as well as visiting scientists and volunteers.

DCB Responsibilities
Approval and Review
  • Approve standard procedures and forms
  • Review and approve dive activities before the initiation of any dive. This authorization is delegated to the dive safety officer (DSO) for all dive plans when the DSO is not the lead diver. If the DSO deems a dive to be risky, the dive plan may be referred to the DCB for further review
  • Review incidents or accidents that occur during a scientific dive
  • Review the effectiveness of the scientific diving safety program, including the Scientific Diving Safety Manual, and provide recommendations for changes
  • Establish criteria for training procedures, scientific diving equipment selection and use, and inspection and maintenance of scientific diving equipment
  • Investigate alleged non-compliance to procedures established by DCB
  • Suspend non-compliant research involving scientific diving
  • Provide a written statement outlining the reasons for suspension of non-compliant research addressed to the Principal Investigator, respective Dean, and Research Operations